Welcome to my website! 

I had to put this off for a while as I've been very busy with work, but it's finally here! This site will act as a place for me to showcase some of my images, university projects and general goings-on via this blog. I can't promise to be that consistent when it comes to blog posts, but I'll do my best to put something up every week or two.

Hopefully in time this will become a platform for me to easily sell prints etc. For now I have set up a contact form on my "About" page which can be used for any questions, inquiries or just general thoughts you may have. As this is a new website please feel free to give me any feedback, positive or negative, on the layout and functionality of the site. 

Also there are links in the top right to some of my social media accounts, give these a follow if you are interested. Up there also is my 500px profile which contains a much larger collection of my images.

Also a big thank you to Krisi Hughes who helped me out with the logo and some other bits. Check out her blog here: krisihughes.wordpress.com